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PhD Student

Description: We are currently recruiting a PhD Student.
We have an open PhD position. Candidates are expected to have a degree in life sciences, physical sciences or engineering, with a strong interest in neuroscience. Prior experience in electrophysiology, in vivo imaging, animal behavior, molecular biology or computer science is an advantage. Interested applicants should send a statement of interest, CV and the contact information of 2-3 references to Karl Farrow. Two different projects are available.

Project 1: Application of viral based neural circuit tracing techniques to determine the brainstem targets of distinct visual features. This work will involve the application of rabies virus based neural circuit tracing techniques to determine how distinct visual features extracted by the retina are distributed brainstem motor centers that guide different motor behaviours. The successful candidate will be involved in creating and injecting the vectors. As well as analysis of the labeled neural circuits using both anatomical and in vivo two-photon calcium imaging techniques.

Project 2: Analysis of brain activity during natural visually evoked behaviour in a virtual reality environment. This work will involve the design and building of a virtual reality environment for mice. Subsequently, the successful candidate will measure the brain activity, using either multi-electrode probes or two-photon calcium imaging, during a set of visually evoked beahviours such as escape and foraging.

The candidate:
• Is well organized and eager to learn new technologies
• Is creative and a goal oriented
• Has good social skills and is a teamplayer
• Is flexible
• Has good communicative skills
• Is willing to obtain new expertise via courses, education and visits to other labs